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5 Santorini Experiences That You Should Not Miss

As your ferry enters the caldera of Santorini or your plane approaches the island, you will be in awe of the magnificence of the rocks and the powerful energy of the still active volcano. The white sugar-cube buildings that embellish the brim of the caldera slowly start to appear; a memory to cherish forever! 

  Santorini is simply spectacular and here are 3 tips that guides won’t tell you.

Sunset cruise

The most astonishing experiences in Santorini would be definitely on the edge of the Caldera admiring the mesmerizing view, but can you imagine yourself experiencing that on a yacht?

Don’t think about it twice. Book a sunset cruise and sail within the Caldera in a lazy afternoon. Visit beaches only approachable by boat, swim in the sylph waters of the volcano, or have a barbeque on board. And here comes the best part (drums on the background); watch the ocean change its colors at sunset with a glass of wine at hand.

An experience that cannot be missed!

Do a Wine Tour
Santorini wines are undoubtedly the paragon of Greek wines. They have a unique taste due to their provenance, the volcanic soils of the island, and the amazing terroirs of the island.

You can visit many vineyards on the island (known for being the oldest in the world!) to taste some of the best ones. We do recommend Vassaltis Vineyard, the most elegant of them all, having award-winning wines made by two amazing oenologists.

Inside information: Don’t leave without a bottle of Gramina…Thank us later!

Santorini Open – Air Cinema

No matter if you’re on a family holiday or a romantic trip to Santorini, you should definitely go watch a movie at the open-air Cinema. From May to October, you can enjoy a film, popcorn, and a cold beer under the stars during a summer night on a dreamy island. What else could you ask for?

Greek mom’s advice: Have with you a pashmina or a light jacket, nights on the island can be chilly.

Visit Ammoudi Bay

Ammoudi is a tiny little harbor under Oia that gives you that nostalgia feeling once you see it. You’ll find 2-3 fish taverns that serve fresh fish for all of you seafood lovers. There’s no dining experience better than enjoying local recipes while taking in the majestic beauty of Santorini island.
Our suggestion is to book yourselves in for dinner and arrive a bit earlier. Pass the tavernas and continue walking along the small path. Don’t tell anyone but that is THE spot to watch the sun set.

Take a cooking class

Food has always been part of a country’s heritage and culture and why not experience Greek culture by learning how to cook Greek food?
Mastering those delicious dishes will be a “souvenir” to bring home with you that will last a lifetime

Our travel experts can book a private or semi private culinary class for you in a blink of an eye!

We can’t wait to share with you this mythical island.


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