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5 Secrets Naxos

So you decided that Naxos is your next destination and this is exciting news ! Naxos is a Cycladic island that can accommodate every visitor’s wish. Being the biggest and greenest island in the Cyclades, Naxos is full of lively villages, proud historical monuments and sandy beaches. The bigger the island, the more things to do, right? 

So definitely in Naxos you will be able to have the time of your life. We have picked the top 5 things to do once there:

Visit Portara

The emblematic Portara (big door) stands proud over 2,500 years and it is described to be “the door that leads nowhere” and it is also a temple devoted to god Apollo. Only a short walk from Naxos town, set on a tiny island, Portara will captivate you with its strong and vibrant ancient energy and aura. For the romantics out there, the best time to visit this site is during sunset when the sky turns gold!

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Explore the village of Halki
Named as the most picturesque village of Naxos, Halki is a must-visit if you love getting lost in backstreets filled with colorful neoclassical architecture and if you have an appetite to wander among a traditional authentic Greek village where time seems to have stropped.

Halki is definitely the place you will want to spend more time Although it’s only a couple of roads, it’s full of amazing photo opportunities for you who like to share your travel adventures..

Buy handmade jewelry

Naxos has a tradition in jewelers and especially in the Town of Naxos you will find many shops with amazing artifacts. Treat yourself with a fantastic piece of handmade jewelry that will remind you your Naxian experience forever. The trade mark of Naxian jewels is the white-cream shell which is called “Aphrodite’s ear” and you can find it on rings, earrings, pendants- you name it. Buying local products not only helps the local economy but it is also a major factor in protecting and preserving an old craftmanship tradition that survived through the years.

Visit Apeiranthos

Apeiranthos village is by many considered the crown of Naxos. Much of this belief is due to the fact that over the centuries it has retained its authenticity which is obvious in every step, in every alley and wherever you look. Apeiranthos has around 1000 proud inhabitants who have kept their own dialect where even a slightly trained ear reveals their true Cretan origin. While at Apeiranthos, there is no way of telling that you are, in fact on an island. The feeling one gets is more that of a northern mainland Greek village. Being built up high, the village offers extraordinary views from its various restaurants serving the local cuisine, most of which have vistas to surrounding peaks and valleys. Apeiranthos has also 5 super interesting museums to visit (folklore museum, museum of visual arts, geological museum, natural history museum).

Have a tour at the Olive Press Museum

The museum is located in an old 1800s olive mill which has recently been renovated. The exhibition area features original production materials once used, there visitors can enjoy a tour and a brief presentation on how olive oil was originally produced at that time.

Adjoining the exhibition area is the olive shop ‘nook’ where olive tasting takes place .After the tour,visitors can try a variety of infused olive oils and olive ingredient snacks, such as mama’s famously delicious olive bread, cake, cookies and more! There is also an outdoor patio which is a soothing place to sit back, relax and enjoy some local refreshments. At the museum you can also find a gift shop full of olive related souvenirs.

We can’t wait to share with you this mythical island.


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