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5 Secrets of Paros

Right in the centre of Cyclades, Paros is a summer destination that has it all. Are you seeking for long days on the beach? You got it! Vibrant nightlife? You got it! Quiet picturesque villages? You got it! Party at the beach? You got it!  

Yes it has it all and let’s see what are the Top 5 Must Dos once in Paros…

The Village of Lefkes

Set on the slopes of the hill in the centre of the island, this post-card like village will offer you some unique memories. Stroll around its small alleys admiring the white washed houses and stop for a refreshing juice in the main square of the village under the shadow of the ancient sycamore.

Definitely not a touristic attraction and this is what makes it so unique.

Visit Paros’ little sister island Antiparos
With frequent daily connections from the main town Paroikia, you can hop on a ferry and in less than 20 minutes you can find yourself in tiny Antiparos. Seclusion, quietness, stunning beaches and the ultimate feeling of “Greek summer” are all kept on this island gem.

Did you know?: Tom Hanks has a house in Antiparos, maybe you will spot him enjoying a lazy day under the sun as you are !

Spend a day in Paros Park

The Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros is a theme park that stretches on Ai Yiannis peninsula. Walk the paths of the park admiring the Cycladic rock formations and blend in with the nature since the park is full of herbs and flowers. Sunset would be the best time to sip a drink overlooking the Bay of Naoussa. In the park there is also “Enastron Cinema”, an open air movie theatre where you can enjoy a movie under the stars. Magical right?

Join a Festival

Every summer in Paros many open air festivals take place. Either religious festivals or cultural ones the sure thing is that you will have the time of your life. People from around the island gather to celebrate all together, eating, drinking and dancing till the morning. Paros offers an extensive list of events and music happenings during the summer season. Small or larger festivals involving art exhibitions, dance and music events, concerts, theatrical performances etc.

Contact our advisors to inform you what festivals will take place during your say in Paros and get ready to party the Greek way!

Cocktail in Naoussa during sunset

Naoussa might not be the capital of the island but it is sure the place where the heart of Paros beats. Full of restaurants, bars and shops scattered around the alleys, Naoussa guarantees that whatever you are looking for your entertainment you will find it there. Sunset in Naoussa is amazing so sit comfortably on one of the tables around the small harbor and enjoy your cocktail while watching the sun set transforming the sky and water in to a fun fair of colors.

Small tip: Nights can be chilly in Cyclades, especially close to the sea so don’t forget to take with you a light jacket or a pashmina.

We told you Paros has it all….for more tips and holiday planning we are always here for you!

We can’t wait to share with you this mythical island.


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