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Explore Peloponnese

November is the perfect month to explore the Greek mainland and we have prepared the perfect escape for you. 

Join us for the most exciting tour of Peloponnese, where the myth meets history and discover the secret side of Greece.

First stop is the city of Kalamata the second largest city of Peloponnese, the capital and central port of Messinia that stands at the foot of the majestic mountain of Taygetos, you might be familiar with Kalamata olives, which originated in this region, but there is so much more to the city than its olives and we will show it all to you. Kalamata has a rich history to discover and it has nowadays developed into a wealthy urban center.

Then the highland pride of Greece, Mani is a region of Greece that covers the middle southern peninsula of Peloponnese. Despite the inhospitable landscape of barren rocks and cliffs that dive into the deep sea, this region is one of the most authentic and traditional places a visitor can experience in Greece.

And of course Messinia that will take you to a trip through history, Methoni, Koroni, Pylos, Voidokilia Beach, Ancient Messini and more.

This exciting journey also includes a full day in Athens which needs no introductions right? But before that what about a wine tasting stop in Nafplio? One of the most picturesque cities in Greece and the first capital of the country? And then mighty Athens is all yours to explore and fell its vibe and its energy.

Stroll around and discover it by yourself or we van book you a guided tour, we are always here to plan everything according to your needs.

What makes BlissTravel unique is that all our travel advisors have expertise in the areas we are planning these unforgettable trips and they are all locals, just like https://www.blisstravel.gr/team/sylvia-athanasopoulou/ who prepared this trip in every detail and she will guide you all the way through

Contact us for the most amazing autumn experience, full of what else? Bliss!


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