22/01/2022 prootos

Reasons to Visit Greece in 2022

This year, Greece is going to be the perfect destination for your summer vacations, and here is why! 

• Travel together with your friends and loved ones and reconnect with them in this one in a lifetime trip to Greece.

• Your safety is our top priority so we are glad to inform you that all of our hotels, Villas, restaurants and stores are operating with strict government-imposed safety protocols.

• We have countless high-end beach clubs on the legendary coasts of Greece which are a sight of admiration for many years now with hundreds of them being awarded a blue flag!

• Travelling to all Greek islands is open and without any limitations so feel free to explore as many as you can!

Our beautiful hotels and villas are waiting to accommodate you and offer you the best quality services.

• We can make reservations at our most esteemed local restaurants. The acclaimed Greek cuisine includes a huge variety of mouth-watering dishes made with the freshest ingredients and imbued with distinguished flavours and aromas.

• Our team of expert guides are always at your disposal! Greece is a country defined by its great history and culture, which are reflected in the monuments and archaeological sites that are scattered throughout the land, so don’t hesitate and make a trip back in time by exploring as many as you can!

BlissTravel is always here to design your dream journey to Greece. Moreover, our dedicated team of travel advisors are locals, specialized in specific areas to help you make the best of the destination you choose!


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