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Start, here, in the Cyclades. 

On a quest to find the Greek islands of your dreams? 

   Named from the circle they form around the sacred island of Delos, the Cyclades are the “destination of a  lifetime”

When you think of the Greek islands, there are a few images that probably come immediately to your mind: the azure blue water of the Aegean Sea, the whitewashed houses stacked on top of one another like sugar cubes, the bougainvilleas, the blue domes and the best grilled fish you’ll eat in the whole world. And you’re right!

With stellar archaeological sites and dozens of postcard-like beaches, a blossoming food scene, some renowned party destinations and a good dose of sophistication can one describe those gem islands.

Mykonos, Santorini and Ios form the heart of the islands, each making the Greek island dream while true being beautiful and vibrant in their own way. Naxos, Paros and Milos offer all that you might expect from the group, but are much-visited, so perhaps better seen out of the high season.

The Cyclades are best reached by boat from the port of Pireaus  or Rafina and you can of course, fly to Mykonos, Santorini and other major islands and then grab a ferry to your destination.

The connection between the islands is very good so you will easily have the chance to visit more than one island.

So let’s take a quick glance to the most famous islands

Anafi.Sitting on the southeastern side of
the Cyclades. Anafi is a little gem.
Although it is so close to Santorini island,
Anafi has nothing to do with the first’s
cosmopolitan ambiance. Unlike Santorini,
Anafi is still untouched by mass
tourism, keeping its traditional charm

Delos The small rocky islet of Delos is part
of the Cyclades and is located a few miles
south-west of Mykonos. It’s a Unesco
world heritage site, an ark of history, float-
ing ont the chance to walk around the revival
of the glory of the Greek civilization.

Folegandros:Folegandros is an island of
incredible natural beauty located between
Paros and Santorini. Folegandros boasts
traditional Cycladic architecture which
means that its villages are made up of tiny
whitewashed houses, narrow alleys, and
colorful windows. Quite frankly, every
corner looks like a postcard!

Ios.Ios island is the absolute Cycladic
paradise. People escape the summer heat
at the golden beaches, where they take a
dip in the crystal clear Aegean waters and
when the sun goes down, the bars and
restaurants of Ios Chora reveal its
Cosmopolitan nature.

Kythnos A wild natural landscape with an
elegant architecture and a variety of stun-
ning beaches, Kythnos is arguably one of
the most beautiful Cycladic islands. Thanks
to its proximity to Athens, Kythnos is a
popular destination
for quick getaways
from Athens.

Mykonos: Luxurious hotels, award-winning
restaurants, cosmopolitan vibes, a crazy party
scene, amazing Mykonos beaches…Mykonos
needs no introduction

Naxos: Naxos is one of the most interesting destinations in Greece! Its ancient past is
responsible for the abundance of ancient sites. Naxos breathes history.
Apart from its impressive monuments, though, Naxos has a beautiful natural land-
scape, as it is the greenest island of the Cyclades. Imposing mountains, green valleys,
beautiful beaches, and rural villages will exalt nature lovers’ spirits

Paros: Combining modern with traditional
elements in the most unique way, Paros is a
mix of traditional Cycladic architecture, vivid
nightlife, magical beaches, enchanting
villages, and historical monuments. Whether
you’re after a relaxing holiday or you are
more of a thrill-seeker, Paros has exactly
what you want!

Sifnos: The island’s atmosphere is calming,
while the air is scented with almond and
orange aromas. The tiny whitewashed villages,
the cobblestone embellished with colorful
flowers, alleys, the luxurious Sifnos hotels,
and the mesmerizing sandy beaches blend
the charm of the island.

Tinos: Apart from its religious significance,
Tinos rewards the visitor with lots of suprices.
Picturesque villages, white wasged houses,
little squares, and churches set the scene of
this charming island. As for things to do in
Tinos, there’s a whole heap of activities, from
trekking to water sports!

Santorini: Everyone knows Santorini, it might be one of the most insta-famous destinations in the entire
world, and let me tell you it does not disappoint. This island, which was once an active volcano (around
3600 years ago!
) is truly spectacular. The cyclades islands in general have a unique and distinct style with
their white-domed villas and windmills, but Santorini stands out amongst them all. The cliff-edge views
across the Caldera are like nothing you’ve ever seen before and the sunsets in Santorini are ones that you
will remember for years to come

Greeks are very warm and
welcoming people

It can be disorganised in what you were
used to but the lack of rules means that
things are far more free, so enjoy it!

Ask locals for tips when you arrive,
get chatting to other travellers, that’s
what visiting the islands is all about!!

Late dinners are a MUST in Greece in
general so don’t be suprised to encounter an empty taverna at 7.00 pm

Good things to know about the Greek island culture

Regardless of the type of holiday you are having in mind, you’re going to have the time
of your LIFE. Thre is something unique about the Greek Islands, they are so free and
fun. The weather is amazing and the food is out of this world. We don’t even need to
mention the beaches..

By all means spend a day or two on Mykonos or Santorini but for an even more genuine
experience, the kind that really is that white and blue and romantic, think about visiting an
island with slightly less name recognition. At BlissTravel, our travcel experts can guide you
through these amazing islands and you can plan along with them what exactly you have
dreamed about your holidays in greece. From tickets to hotels, from dining out to horse
back riding, you name it.


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