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Land Arrangements

Off The Beaten Path

Discover the process


Reach out

It will take a minute to complete our inquiry form here, or just send us an email with all the details in less than 12 hours we will reply to you!


We propose

Based on the information that you have provided we will offer you at least 2 options that we believe encompasses what you are looking for. We will explain why we’ve selected certain properties and paint the picture of what your itinerary could look like.


Lock it UP

Once you have everything that you were looking for your clients, we will send you an invoice to secure the trip, and the terms and conditions.



Based on your selected level of service, our concierge will assist you with, destination information, restaurant reservations, spa appointments and more.


The final details

You will get our confirmation will all the details along with the phone number and the name of the coordinators that will be in contact with you and your client throughout the traveler experience.



Do I pay upfront?

A refundable deposit of 25% of total charges is required to secure a reservation. No reservation is considered confirmed until a deposit is received. Final payment must be received no later than 40 days prior to departure date. Air reservations based on published fares require full payment at the time of confirmation.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Payments are accepted by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) and bank wire transfer.

When do I receive the final itinerary?

A complete set of travel documents including travel vouchers, guides, maps, contact information, 24/7 travel assistance hot line will be received via email and mail approximately 15 days prior to the trip.

Do you make restaurant and spa reservations?

We offer concierge service when the complete itinerary has been booked through us and as well as the concierge, we also allocate a coordinator that will be checking every step of the client’s trip and is in constant communication with the traveler.